A Glimpse into the Heart of God

What an amazing insight into the wonderful, loving 'Heart' of God I've experienced. After God filled me with His Holy Spirit my life has been enlightened in a much greater measure, enlightened with love, friendship and joy. He has begun to liberate me from these manmade rules in society, most about others opinions of me. Does it matter what others think of me? No, it doesn't. The only thing that matters is my love for God, and His eternal, perfect love for me. 
Regardless of mankind's great joys and great sorrows, human loveliness and human ugliness, God will still love us all beyond all obstacles. That was a very deep and overwhelming realization for me, a great revelation, a reality far beyond anything that I could have imagined without my newfound faith. We're supposed to be interested and excited about life. We're supposed to be lucky and happy. We're supposed to have a rich and wonderful life in harmony. We're supposed to make our dreams coming true. We're supposed to be filled with love every single day. God originally intends for all of us humans to experience and enjoy our time on earth. It is still far beyond my power to adequately describe the greatness and beauty of the complete love, relationship, harmony, unity, peace, contentment, happiness, joy, delight, pleasure, enjoyment, fulfillment, goodness, kindness, tenderness, health, purpose, destiny and righteousness that God wants and plans for us, His earthly children, to enjoy, along with Him as our Father.
This astounding revelation opened my eyes to this wonderful and indescribable love and goodness of God's Heart for every one of us humans whom He created, and whom He loves so intensely. This revelation greatly transformed my life into something beautiful. I didn't know anything about God, but now I know my feelings for Him will only grow greater and greater, and stronger and stronger.
"God is so utterly wonderful!"
- as John G. Hutchinson wrote in his book, "Astounding Love", that I'm reading right now.
All this are thoughts from my head, that comes mostly from reading Huthinson's book but also from the second book in the series "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. 
On Wednesday I'll post a part two as a continuation to this introduction. 
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