Jordhynn's b-day surprise

Jordhynn's boyfriend Daniel planned a Skype date to surprise her with dinner last Sunday for her birthday that's today. Since he couldn't fix the dinner etc from the U.S., I helped him to buy sushi, white wine, cinnamon bun ice cream, a big boucet of red roses and lighted some candles on the table next to the computer and played music from a playlist Dan made for Jordhynn with her favorites. I told her to dress up and come to my place for a starter before dinner at some restaurant in town to celebrate our birthdays - you should've seen her face when she saw what actually was made for her!! I'm happy I could help Dan with her surprise dinner, it was so much fun to see both their faces when they saw each other and to make somebody that happy. It was such a romantic plan Dan had made and I'm glad Jordhynn and he have found each other. I wish you all the best, and luck!

While they were kept entertained with their romantic date in my kitchen I ate sushi and watched my one and only favorite tv program named "Så mycket bättre", a Swedish music program where artists makes covers of each other's songs. A good night!